Gotham is not your ordinary superhero television show where the superhero comes to town defeats various villains and the day is saved. The show involves numerous characters aside from the usual Batman series (Batman, Alfred, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, etc). Every character whether they’re from the Batman series or not has a background to a point where they end up interacting with one another.  I think the way Bruno Heller develops Gotham is very clever and unexpected. It’s like a combination of CSI and Batman series itself. Gotham is a mixture of crime, action and drama, giving fans and viewers a variety of genres that’ll more than likely keep them engaged in watching the first and second seasons.

Bruce Wayne aka Batman starts off as a young teenager who witnesses his parents being killed by an unknown assailant, leaving Bruce to live with his legal guardian and butler Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce is on a mission to find out who killed his parents and doing training under Alfred to eventually become Batman.

Detective James Gordon, not Bruce Wayne, is actually the main character of Gotham. He gave Bruce Wayne his word that he’ll assist in finding who killed Bruce’s parents. A stubborn, yet intelligent and relentless, Gordon has killed or put away villains, keeping his promise of protecting the city of Gotham.

I rate Gotham a 9/10. I highly recommend any Batman, DC fan or anyone who like crime drama and action to watch this spectacular show.


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