Money & Violence

Money and Violence is a scripted reality YouTube series based on the harsh realm of living in Brooklyn, New York. The show touches on a lot of themes familiar to those living in the confines of similar neighborhoods such as credit card scamming, gun violence, robbery, murder, etc.

My overall rating for the show would be a 7.5/10. The reason behind the rating is because the show is filmed by amateurs so the camera work, acting and editing is sub par. If you can’t stand to watch something that looks “homemade” then this wouldn’t be the show for you. However, what boosts the show is the plot being filled with drama at each turn (the editing and camera work does get a lot better too). Each episode ends with cliffhangers that lead you wanting to watch the next one and it’s easy for someone to get addicted to it pretty quickly, especially with each one being only about 15minutes a piece.

This show is a recommended watch for those from the inner city areas that experience situations like these that they can relate too and learn from. It’s also for those that aren’t from urban areas that would like to see a dramatic glimpse of what life can be like for those that live there.MoneyAndViolence



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