Archer is an adult animated series on the FX network that is currently in its 6th season going on two its 7th season starting next year on the FXX channel.  Archer is filled with action, adventure and comedy that viewers would find hysterical that they’d barely die of laughter.

I find it very creative that in Archer is how there’s frequent dialogue where the dialogue changes from a group of characters to another group in the show whether it’s a question being answered, a reaction to something outrageous. For instance, Archer and Lana are arguing and Lana yells “Are you crazy!” and then in another scene Pam and Cheryl are talking and Cheryl would yell “Yes I am!” Cheryl is very crazy by the way.

Archer’s character and personality is on cloud 9, a egotistical, thoughtless first class a-hole. He is the world’s best secret agent at his mother Malory’s company ISIS   (International Secret Intelligence Service) in NYC where he risks his and his life saving his workers or killing the intended enemy ordered by his mother. However, he completely treats all the other characters, including his mother, like crap physically and verbally and hardly feels guilty about it. He treats his butler Woodhouse, the father figure who raised him, with disrespect and thinks of the weirdest punishments for him such as throwing sand in his face or eating spider webs.

I rate Archer an 8.5/10. The reason for it not it being 10 in my opinion is because I feel by season 6 there should be a new character. Maybe it’ll happen in Season 7.


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  1. andrew · December 9, 2015

    great review


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