Narcos is a Netflix original series based on the life and times of drug dealer extraordinaire, Pablo Escobar.

My rating for this show is a 9.7/10 (no show is perfect of course) because this show embodies everything it should and more. While watching this show you’ll get taken into the realm of a top shelf drug dealer and it’s amazing how well the producers and directors were able to make it so real. This show shows what a real bonafide hustler’s mentality is like and it’s in Spanish just like it should be. The one drawback of this show however is the subtitles funny enough. The reading of the subtitles sometimes takes your eyes away from the action, but if the show wasn’t in Spanish it wouldn’t be as authentic (you have to take good with the bad sometimes).

This is a highly recommended show for anyone that just like a damn good show. With each episode being an 45 minutes to an hour long it’ll definitely keep you occupied.


One comment

  1. JB · December 8, 2015

    I’ve watched about half of the first season and I agree with your review! Cool show!


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