Jessica Jones



Marvel’s Jessica Jones, is a Netflix exclusive that just premiered in November of 2015 following the recent success that is Marvel’s Daredevil . Based on the comics of the same name, the show follows PI Jessica Jones, a former superhero who uses her abilities to help her with new cases as well as problems that resurface from her past life.

I give this show a 10/10. With it being a Netflix exclusive the show is able to do things basic cable shows are unable to. Jessica Jones has a story line that connects to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has plenty of plot twists, a deep story with explanations for everything that happens in the show, an amazing cast such as Krysten Ritter who plays the title character.

The show is recommend for anyone who likes to watch shows with themes of noir, crime, mystery, action, and drama. If you like the show, I recommend Netflix’s Daredevil tv series, and the upcoming shows based on Luke Cage and Iron Fist as a mini series with all four main characters will be coming after all shows are out. Be warned Marvel’s Jessica Jones does go into a darker tone than most shows by diving into the world of rape, assault, and PTSD. Watch the trailer below.



Archer is an adult animated series on the FX network that is currently in its 6th season going on two its 7th season starting next year on the FXX channel.  Archer is filled with action, adventure and comedy that viewers would find hysterical that they’d barely die of laughter.

I find it very creative that in Archer is how there’s frequent dialogue where the dialogue changes from a group of characters to another group in the show whether it’s a question being answered, a reaction to something outrageous. For instance, Archer and Lana are arguing and Lana yells “Are you crazy!” and then in another scene Pam and Cheryl are talking and Cheryl would yell “Yes I am!” Cheryl is very crazy by the way.

Archer’s character and personality is on cloud 9, a egotistical, thoughtless first class a-hole. He is the world’s best secret agent at his mother Malory’s company ISIS   (International Secret Intelligence Service) in NYC where he risks his and his life saving his workers or killing the intended enemy ordered by his mother. However, he completely treats all the other characters, including his mother, like crap physically and verbally and hardly feels guilty about it. He treats his butler Woodhouse, the father figure who raised him, with disrespect and thinks of the weirdest punishments for him such as throwing sand in his face or eating spider webs.

I rate Archer an 8.5/10. The reason for it not it being 10 in my opinion is because I feel by season 6 there should be a new character. Maybe it’ll happen in Season 7.


Narcos is a Netflix original series based on the life and times of drug dealer extraordinaire, Pablo Escobar.

My rating for this show is a 9.7/10 (no show is perfect of course) because this show embodies everything it should and more. While watching this show you’ll get taken into the realm of a top shelf drug dealer and it’s amazing how well the producers and directors were able to make it so real. This show shows what a real bonafide hustler’s mentality is like and it’s in Spanish just like it should be. The one drawback of this show however is the subtitles funny enough. The reading of the subtitles sometimes takes your eyes away from the action, but if the show wasn’t in Spanish it wouldn’t be as authentic (you have to take good with the bad sometimes).

This is a highly recommended show for anyone that just like a damn good show. With each episode being an 45 minutes to an hour long it’ll definitely keep you occupied.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., currently on season 3 on ABC with the first two seasons on Netflix is an Action show based on Marvel property. The show focuses on Phil Coulson, played by Clark Gregg who forms a team to help take down the main antagonist, HYDRA.

I would give the show a 8/10. Although it is an exciting show with cliffhangers and twists, the first season starts off a little on the slow side since most of the characters in the first season are not well known or completely original and their stories had to be built from the ground up. But after the first few episodes things happen and the pace is faster and more interesting.

This show would be recommended to anyone who is interested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, superheroes, or action. The show connects everything with Movies such as the Captain America movies and the Avengers movies. The show is an hour long on ABC Tuesday’s at 9pm with the first two seasons available for instant streaming on Netflix. Watch the original trailer below.

Money & Violence

Money and Violence is a scripted reality YouTube series based on the harsh realm of living in Brooklyn, New York. The show touches on a lot of themes familiar to those living in the confines of similar neighborhoods such as credit card scamming, gun violence, robbery, murder, etc.

My overall rating for the show would be a 7.5/10. The reason behind the rating is because the show is filmed by amateurs so the camera work, acting and editing is sub par. If you can’t stand to watch something that looks “homemade” then this wouldn’t be the show for you. However, what boosts the show is the plot being filled with drama at each turn (the editing and camera work does get a lot better too). Each episode ends with cliffhangers that lead you wanting to watch the next one and it’s easy for someone to get addicted to it pretty quickly, especially with each one being only about 15minutes a piece.

This show is a recommended watch for those from the inner city areas that experience situations like these that they can relate too and learn from. It’s also for those that aren’t from urban areas that would like to see a dramatic glimpse of what life can be like for those that live there.MoneyAndViolence


Bob’s Burgers


TV STILL — DO NOT PURGE — BOB’S BURGERS: Join the Belcher family for Season Five of the Emmy Award winning BOB’S BURGERS Sundays on FOX. BOB’S BURGERS ™ and © 2014 TCFFC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Bob’s Burgers, an animated comedy that is currently on season 6 on FOX and seasons 1-4 on Netflix, focuses on the Belcher family and their lives in and out of their family restaurant, Bob’s Burgers.

The show is given a 7/10. A show that is hilarious with a cast which includes the voice talents of H Jon Benjamin, Kristen Shaul, John Roberts and many more, the show seems to have the same aspect of the shows following it on its program block such as the Simpsons and Family Guy. Although it does seem repetitive because of the family aspect, the show has its own way of doing it making it unique and original.

This show is recommended for anyone who just wants a good laugh or something to watch when needing a break from work, studying, or when wanting to just binge watch. With no continuing plot line besides two part episodes normally done as the season finale, this show can be picked up and watched at any time.



Gotham is not your ordinary superhero television show where the superhero comes to town defeats various villains and the day is saved. The show involves numerous characters aside from the usual Batman series (Batman, Alfred, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, etc). Every character whether they’re from the Batman series or not has a background to a point where they end up interacting with one another.  I think the way Bruno Heller develops Gotham is very clever and unexpected. It’s like a combination of CSI and Batman series itself. Gotham is a mixture of crime, action and drama, giving fans and viewers a variety of genres that’ll more than likely keep them engaged in watching the first and second seasons.

Bruce Wayne aka Batman starts off as a young teenager who witnesses his parents being killed by an unknown assailant, leaving Bruce to live with his legal guardian and butler Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce is on a mission to find out who killed his parents and doing training under Alfred to eventually become Batman.

Detective James Gordon, not Bruce Wayne, is actually the main character of Gotham. He gave Bruce Wayne his word that he’ll assist in finding who killed Bruce’s parents. A stubborn, yet intelligent and relentless, Gordon has killed or put away villains, keeping his promise of protecting the city of Gotham.

I rate Gotham a 9/10. I highly recommend any Batman, DC fan or anyone who like crime drama and action to watch this spectacular show.